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I received the following letter in the mail:

Dear Beta Omega Alumna,

In an effort to maintain and improve relations with each alumna, Beta Omega Chapter of Zeta Tau Alpha is making plans to publish a completely revised and updated membership directory. All living initiates will be listed. It is our hope that you will use this opportunity to update your information and renew ties with the chapter and fellow members.

The directory will contain the most current information available about all member, including name, initiation year, home address, occupation, business title, firm, office address and e-mail address. There will also be a geographical listing.

Please help us make the directory complete and accurate by updating your information at https://universitypublishing.net/dirnlupdt (Use Organization Code 08M273-1). We hope that you will support our efforts to strengthen the ties we share.

We expect to distribute the new directory to participating members in a few months. Please complete your updated information as soon as possible; by doing so you will enable us to produce more useful and informative publications. Thanks for your help!

Zeta Love,
Kacy Coble, President

P.S. If you would like to make a donation to off-set the cost of the directory, please mail a check made payable to Beta Omega Chapter Directory Fund to:
Beta Omega of Zeta Tau Alpha
c/o Directory Program Headquarters
P.O. Box 1311 Bloomington, IN 47402-1311


New Links

There have been several new links to sister's websites added to the side. Check them out to keep up with marriages, babies, and other happenings.

Remember if you have any updates you would like posted, email them to ztabetaomega@gmail.com.



Union Tornadoes

As most of you may know by now, last Tuesday, Feb. 5th, Union's campus was hit by an F4 tornado. The resident complexes were hit the worst. There is no way to even explain it so I will just post some pictures. Many of the rooms that we lived in our now gone.

The view of the campus.

The guys commons.

Some of the guys dorms

Some of the girls dorms
There are tons of pictures and articles out there about Union and the damage that was done. God's had was absolutly over this campus and the students. It is a true miracle that no one was killed during this storm.
This link is to one of the best videos that I have seen that was purt together (you can search youtube.com for others). President Dockery is a blessing to this university.
The Board of Trustees has set up a distaer relief fund for the rebuilding of the campus. Donations can be sent to:
Union University
Disaster Relief Fund
1050 Union University Drive
Jackson, TN 38305
Progress with the University can be followed at their website http://uu.edu or http://www.uurecovery.com/


Amber "Donovan" Mathenia

It is with great sadness to share with you that Amber Donovan Mathenia has passed away. She left a husband and 2 children (4 years & 6 months). Below is a letter from Amanda Nason Lemonds and an article about the crash that took her to be with her Lord.

This is from Amanda Nason Lemonds:

Hello friends,I know this finds you very saddened and troubled at heart, as mine is. I must confess this is one of the hardest things that I have ever gone through in my entire life. The death of Amber stills seems like a sick joke or a horrible dream that I will soon wake up from. Each day that passes brings me closer and closer to reality where I am having to deal with the fact that my best friend will not be back. My heart is broken for the entire family, but Anthony and Ellie especially. My heartbreak multiplied probably doesn’t even come close to what they must feel. Even with a heavy heart, we must rejoice in the fact that no doubt Amber is at the throne of grace, singing praises to our Heavenly Father. I can just see the grin on her face now! You know, I was reminded the other day that “we are all in a race to see the Father’s face” and we just can be satisfied know that Amber beat us there. Amber would want me all to tell you to not be sad but to use this as a lesson that life is a gift and each day we live, the Lord is sustaining us for His glory. As I prayed with Amber the day before she passed, she prayed that exact thing. She thanked the Lord for sustaining us another day for His glory and for the gift of life. WOW! I am claiming Psalms 116:15 which says, “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” It is PRECIOUS that Amber is with the Father!

Please pray hard for this family. More than anything they need you to pray. As many of you know, Amber’s father is not a believer and is taking this pretty hard. The Lord has a plan in all this and hopefully her father’s salvation is in that plan. Amber would tell you that it is all worth it! Pray for the Lord to give the family strength, compassion and comfort that we know only He can give.

The family wanted me to let everyone know that they do not prefer flowers or food. Instead, they would prefer you to send monetary donations to Christ Community Church in New Albany, MS. This is the church where they receive their support. You can also send gift cards from Walmart, Target, or Babies R’Us so that they can provide for the kids, Ellie age 4, and Isaac, 6 months. As you know they are missionaries to Ethiopia and are living off of total support and money/donations/gift cards would be much appreciated. Amber’s mom’s address is: 5501 Shipp Road, Millington, TN 38053.

The arrangements for Amber are as follows:Viewing- Friday night from 5:00-8:00 p.m. at Munford Funeral HomeFuneral- Saturday at 2:00 p.m. at First Baptist Church in Millington

Please continue to look at Anthony’s blog to get updated information:

Here is a link to the article about the crash: http://www.commercialappeal.com/news/2008/jan/23/munford-crash-victim-was-mother-two/

The more I rest, the more real it becomes. The more I rest, the more it hurts.Oh! To rest solely in Him, like the great hymn writer:Jesus, I am resting, resting,In the joy of what Thou art;I am finding ...Let me clarify that the viewing Friday night is at Munford Funeral Home-MILLINGTON CHAPEL. You could probably google it. It is off of Paul Barrett Pkwy. on Raleigh Millington


Suzanne "Frost" Mosley welcomes 2nd son!!!

Jamie and I were blessed to have another son join our family! Our second son, William James Mosley, was born July 20th. He weighed 8 lbs. 8 1/4 oz. and was 21 inches long. He arrived at 8:13pm...after my labor started at 5:30pm! So, he (AKA Speedy Gonzales!) was quick to arrive on the scene, which I was thankful for! My doctor didn't even make it to the hospital in time for his birth; they pulled some random doctor off the floor to catch William as he was born! Now we're realizing that if we had taken our time getting to the hospital (which we did when John Martin was born), he probably would have been born in our car!!! whoa!

Big brother John Martin, who turned 2 on July 11, likes his new role and is doing great! Enjoy the picture of the 2 boys. whoa--I'm a mother of two! (I still feel like I'm in the middle of my senior year @ Union. I'm still in denial that I'm an adult!)

By the way, I have a stationery business that I've started from scratch! It's called Keep in Touch Stationery Co. I have a blog that functions as my website (link added to the right). With so many weddings, I'd love to help out any of you gals with personalized stationery for your thank you notes! To visit the site click HERE.

Suzanne :)